Pain Management in Bellmore, NY and Massapequa, NY and All of Long Island

If you are unsure what cold laser therapy is, or if you need it, we can tell you. Cold laser therapy is a pain management technique favored by many of our customers. If you are affected by the following pains or injuries, you may need our cold laser therapy services.

Are you affected by one or more of the following?

  • Head, Neck and Back Pain
  • Arthritis (Osteo and Rheumatoid)
  • Post-Surgical Recovery
  • Pulls, Strains and Muscle Injuries
  • Joint Twists and Sprains
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel (repetitive stress injuries)

How do treatments work?

Laser and Light Therapy is similar to photosynthesis in plants; sunlight is absorbed by the plant and converted into energy that the plant uses to grow. Developed over 35 years ago, this is a remarkable process that uses light to penetrate the skin’s surface and underlying tissues. Much like photosynthesis, MedX Laser and Light Therapy provides light energy to your body’s cells to increase their function and to stimulate your body’s natural healing process, safe and easily.

  • – Endorphin release
  • – Accelerated bone and soft tissue healing
  • – Increased blood flow and microcirculation
  • – Increased energy within the cells
  • – Stimulation of fibroblasts, osteoblasts and odontoblasts
  • -Effective treatment of nerve injuries
  • – Decreased pain and muscle stiffness
  • – Reduced inflammation, swelling, muscle tension, and hypersensitivity
  • – Reduced need for pain medication drugs

Cold laser therapy can even help you on your weight loss journey!